The Cloverleaf Music Associates supports music education and all music students in our district. All parents who have students in a music program are automatically members of the Music Associates. However, we also encourage alumni, friends, family, or anyone who is supportive of music education to become a member.

Our primary objectives are:

  1. To further interest in music education and promote the Cloverleaf Music program.
  2. To aid in providing funds for music education expenses and equipment.
  3. To provide assistance to the music teachers as required, thus allowing them to focus on the educational aspects of the music education program.

Many of our programs would not be able to exist in the form they do now without the continued support of the Music Associates.

  1. Promoting music education is the primary interest of the Music Associates. This
    includes but is not limited to:
  • Advocacy at school, in the community and at board meetings
  • Assistance at all performances including concerts, competitions, and parades
  • Encouraging new parent participation in the program
  1. Providing funds for music expenses and equipment is necessary because the district is not able to provide adequate funds to support all the opportunities we offer our students. This is done by organizing and implementing fundraisers including:
  • Medina County Fair concessions
  • Cavalcade of Sound band competition
  • Winter Sports Concessions
  • Music Associates Auction
  • Product sales (food / candy / holiday items / mattresses / car washes / etc.)
  • Rally in the Alley
  • Golf Outing
  • Donut sales at football games


These fundraisers typically raise $15,000 - $20,000 per year.


Funds are used to offset expenses including:

  • Music
  • Support staff (including accompanists, flag and percussion instructors)
  • Purchase and maintenance of instruments and equipment
  • Purchase and maintenance of vehicles for transportation of equipment (including the truck, trailer, golf cart, utility carts, etc.)
  • Purchase and maintenance of uniforms (including hat boxes, garment bags, sewing kits, cleaning supplies, shoe polish, etc.)
  • Solo and Ensemble Fees
  • Drill
  • Visiting Speakers or Performers
  • Field Trips
  • Emergency and first aid supplies
  • Food before Marching Band competitions


These expenses vary each year but average between $15,000 - $30,000. “Big ticket” items are usually saved up for over time (for instance – new Marching Band uniforms cost between $50,000 - $60,000 and are necessary every 10-12 years).

  1. Providing assistance to the music teachers as required improves our students’ health and safety and enhances the directors’ ability to focus on the educational aspects of the music education program. This includes:
  • Chaperoning at events
  • Helping with the maintenance and transportation of equipment
  • Coordinating the distribution and maintenance of uniforms (including cleaning and sewing)
  • Soliciting sponsors
  • Serving food/drinks
  •  Building equipment
  • Audio and video recording
  • Photography


Music education improves intelligence, problem solving and reasoning skills. It enhances creativity, self-expression and self-esteem. It develops traits like discipline, teamwork, work-ethic and communication. It places value on sustained effort in order to achieve excellence, and enriches their lives and their school experience in countless ways.

The Music Associates strive to support these goals and ensure that students have the best experience possible. There are many ways you can help!

Please consider joining and supporting the Music Associates so that we can continue to help Music Education at Cloverleaf thrive.

Humble Bundle CYOC