Cloverleaf Music Associates
General Meeting Agenda
April 13, 2015

Attendance: Megan Dougherty, Andrew Winter, Lisa Machar, Paula Windrod, Mark Winrod, Matt Witmer, Karen Gingrich, Patrick Icardi, Kent Davis, Donna Ditch, Amy Shetterly

Review meeting minuets: Motion to approve, Karen Gingrich, Second Paula Winrod, all approved.

Review Financial Report: Copies provided to those in attendance. Motion to approve, Mark Winrod, Second by Karen Gingrich. All approved.

Vocal Group Announcements/Updates: The only needs for CMS Choirs -
1. Approval to send a deposit of $100.00 to the Canton Charge for the next season. I believe that the Canton Charge would like the deposit BEFORE this school year ends – it also provides us first choice for game dates.
2. I have ordered a few new songs for the choirs. I will send the invoice over as soon as I receive it. The total is less than $100 – for the entire school year.

Band Director Announcements: Solo and Ensemble this weekend. Cedar Point trip coming up, May 16th. Marching Band uniforms have been submitted. Gift Card drawing winner - Nate Powalie.

Fundraisers: Medina County Fair first full week of August...Band Camp will be revised schedule to work around fair. July 20th will start band camp.

Old Business: Truck to pull trailer video/crowd funding information: $1,050 in the fundly site as of today and a $2,000 check from the T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving. This was made possible by Cristi and Pete Schwanke Charitable Gift Fund. Also, Marty Kerr, MTD, advised the paperwork has been submitted to and awaiting approval from their CEO.

Motion to adjourn by Paula Winrod, second by Mark Winrod.

Next Meeting is May 11, 2015

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