Cloverleaf Music Associates
General Meeting Agenda
May 11, 2015

Attendance: Matt Witmer, Lisa Machar, Marty Kerr

Review April 13th, 2015 meeting minutes: Copies provided to those in attendance.

Review Financial Report: Copies provided to those in attendance.

Band Director Announcements: Middle School Concert tonight, Recruiting 5th graders on May 12. Cedar Point trip Saturday May 16th, Memorial Day Parades are coming up.

Old Business: Truck to pull trailer video/crowd funding information


Medina County Fair - Joe Stefanko will be able to fill in when Matt Witmer can't be available. Cavalcade of Sound - Need to get ink for hand stamps. Will need to look at pricing.

Motion to adjourn by Marty Kerr, Second by Matt Witmer.

Next meeting is June 8, 2015

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