Cloverleaf Music Associates
General Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Paula Winrod, Matt Witmer, Megan Dougherty, Andrew Winter, Kent Davis, Donna Ditch, Lisa Machar, Karen Gingrich, Rose Garbonick, Stacey Kovach, Zach Witmer, Mark Winrod

Band Director Announcements: Fourth of July Parades and Corn Festival. Parade practices starting soon.

Old Business: Truck has been donated by MTD. $18,000 cash from CMA plus trade in an Mat will shop around for a truck. Motion by Paula Winrod, Second by Megan Dougherty. All approved.

New Business: Need pop cooler looking to spend $900-$1300. Motion to approve by Karen Gingrich, Second by Stacey Kovach. All approved.

Review Financial Report – Provided to those in attendance by Donna Ditch. Motion to approve by Jenn Hamey, Second by Megan Dougherty. All approved.

Fundraisers –
Medina County Fair Volunteers needed, sign ups through Charms.
Cavalcade of Sound – already 7 bands have signed up. Matt Witmer, Chair. Jenn Hamey, Co-Chair. Need new hand stamps.
2015 Dinner/Auction will be November 14th, a Night in Paris.

Motion to adjourn meeting by Mark Winrod, Second by Zach Witmer.

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