Cloverleaf Music Associates
General Meeting Agenda
August 10, 2015

Attendance: Rose Garbonick, Megan Dougherty, Andrew Winter, Matt Whitmer, Lisa Machar, Amy Shutterly, Craig Shutterly, Karen Gingrich, Beth Ross, Laura Icardi

Review meeting : Megan approved, Karen Gingrich second. All approved.

Review financial report: Motion to approve Karen Gingrich, Second by Amy Shutterly. All approved.

Correspondence: Article of the band in the Gazette.

Band Director Announcements: DCI show went well. Kids worked on sectional t-shirts this week. Drill has been re-written by a professional drill writer. Performance on Thursday for family and friends at the Stadium 5-6. Guard and Percussion supplemental $1000 per each group. Motion to approve Donna Ditch, Second by Jenn Hamey. All approved. Cheese fundraiser 45/45/10 for High School, 90/10 Middle School. Motion to approve Amy Shutterly, Second by Paula Windrod. All approved.

Old Business: Needed items for new truck: Running Boards, Signage, and Extended mirrors. Purchase extended mirrors now.

New Business: Order coats for the guard girls, $100 total. Motion to approve Laura Icardi, Second by Megan Dougherty. All approved.

Fundraisers: Medina County Fair went well. Need to order Cavalcade shirts for volunteer workers. Need 3 more batteries for the drone $350. Octoberfest (Berea) for Labor Day weekend $7 per hour for volunteers.

Next meeting is September 14, 2015

Motion to adjourn: Beth Ross, Second Rose Garbonick

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