Cloverleaf Music Associates

General Meeting – February 8, 2016

Attendees: Andrew Winter, Jan Powalie, Paula Winrod, Jennifer Kladke, Dave Drogell,

Megan Dougherty, Karen Gingrich, Linda Drogell, Rose Garbonick, Mark Winrod

Meeting called to order at 7:12pm

Review January 11, 2016 general meeting minutes.

Motion to accept, First – Andrew Winter, Second – Jennifer Kladke. Motion carried

Review of Financial Report

Motion to accept, First – Karen Gingrich, Second – Rose Garbonick. Motion carried


Instrument donations – Boltz with a trumpet and Schriber with a flute

Band Director Announcements

Winter Guard – they have had 2 competitions. They are doing good and working well together, mix of fall returning kids as well as some new members. Hoping that some of the people who signed up will try out for the fall guard with marching band.

Spring Ensemble – Students held a concert before going to Spring Ensemble. Gave them a chance to perform their pieces for an audience. Mr. Winter and Mr. Carasea met with the kids to offer suggestions before going to Springfield on Feb. 13th. About 45 students will be participating. Concert lasted 2 – 2 ½ hours.

Malley’s fundraiser will be wrapping up the night of the winter concert, which is Feb 24th.

Middle School – Megan Dougherty shared that 10 groups/30 kids went to the Middle School Spring Ensemble. Nine groups received 1’s and one received a 2. Music in Our Schools concert is planned for March 8th.

     Old Business

New Marching Band Trailer – trailer has been ordered. A page has been set up and has gotten some donations, including a single donation of $2,000. Airbags have been added to the truck and new hitch will be added next week. There has been some interest in the old trailer, but no bids received yet.

Pop machine – wheels broke on the pop machine again, different ones from last time though. There is too much weight in it. The guys are going to add larger wheels and see if solves the problem.

Disney trip – Malley’s fundraiser profits can be applied towards the first payment. For each $100 sold, kids earn $13 in profit. Also, there currently is not going to be any limit on the number of chaperones who can go with the group since we are flying.

New Business

Fundraisers – We will be starting with the Simply Sheets fundraiser after the spring concert. Our price for each set is $22.50 including shipping and handling. All sizes will be offered at $40 with students making a profit of $17.50 on each set sold. Sale will end March 30th.

Paula is looking into doing a spring plant sale with Boyert’s greenhouse. We sell cards that people can use to go either pick out a hanging basket or flat of plants.

Planning on doing the cheese and sausage sale again in the fall for kids to use towards Disney trip.

Indoor concessions – only a few games left in the season, including a possible girl’s playoff game. We will also be selling at the musical to wrap the season.

Next meeting is March 14th 2016.

Motion to adjourn. First – Dave Drogell, Second – Mark Winrod. Motion Carried.


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