Cloverleaf Music Associates

General Committee Meeting – March 14, 2016

Attendees: Andrew Winter, Jan Powalie, Paula Winrod, Jennifer Kladke, Dave Drogell, Patrick Icardi, Laura Icardi, Matt Witmer, Donna Ditch, Rose Garbonick, Karen Gingrich, Linda Drogell

Meeting called to order

Review February 8th, 2016 General Committee meeting minutes. No changes or corrections.

Motion to accept, First – Karen Gingrich, Second – Rose Garbonick. Motion carried

Review of Financial Report - The $5,000 that was borrowed from the uniform fund to help purchase the new trailer has been repaid to that account. Total Net Profit from concessions this basketball season were $6,203.35.

Motion to accept, First – Linda Drogell, Second – Laura Icardi. Motion carried

Choir Director Announcements – spring musical this year is “Cinderella”. Mr. Timms has some ideas he would like to bring to us in the future.

Band Director Announcements – The High School bands had a great concert this month. The Middle School also hosted a concert this month and did a wonderful job. Approximately 40 parents and staff members joined the middle schoolers for the final song.

Winter Guard took 2nd place out of 5 teams at their last competition. Hoping to keep the same energy going into the fall football season. This has been a good show for all the members, challenging for the experienced ones but the newbies are able to perform it as well.

Old Business

2017 Florida Trip update – original down payment is due April 1st.

New trailer is here – the trailer is “Just Beautiful”. We still need to add shelving for the instruments, E-tracks, mud flaps and a cover for the back door to cover the hinge when it is open. Altmeyer’s sold us the trailer at their cost of $17,200. Members were able to tour the new trailer during the meeting.

New Business

Fundraisers – Current proceeds from concession stand this year is over $6,000. Big thank you to everyone who helped out this year. We will be selling limited items at the spring musical. The Malley’s fundraiser was delivered today, most orders have already been picked up. There were very few errors which has been nice. The next fundraiser for students will be the Boyert’s plant sale. Students will be selling vouchers can be used to purchase either flats of plants or hanging baskets. Proceeds from flats will be $5 each and proceeds from hanging baskets will be $7 each. Vouchers are good until the end of June. Sale will start in the beginning of April and end April 20th. Reminder that the proceeds will be split 45/45/10 as usual.

Next big project to be thinking about would be building a possible storage area for the new trailer and truck next to the building where we park it now. Hopes are it could be attached to the existing building. Will have to talk with the administration about how this could be done.

Next monthly meeting is April 11, 2016

Motion to adjourn. First – Karen Gingrich, Second – Andrew Winter


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