Cloverleaf Music Associates

General Committee Meeting – April 11, 2016

Attendees: Andrew Winter, Jan Powalie, Paula Winrod, Jennifer Kladke, Dave Drogell, Matt Witmer, Megan Dougherty, Kent Davis, Patrick Icardi, Karen Gingrich, Rose Garbonick, Stacie Kovach, Beth Jarrell, Linda Drogell, Mark Winrod, Mark Klatzer

Meeting called to order at 7:08 pm

Review March 14th, 2016 executive meeting minutes. No changes or corrections.

Motion to accept, First – Rose Garbonick, Second – Stacie Kovach. Motion carried

Review of Financial Report – Currently switching over to Quick Books from Charms for accounting purposes. All student info will remain in Charms for now. Concession total for year were $7,403.67

Motion to accept, First – Karen Gingrich, Second – Rose Garbonick. Motion carried

Correspondence – Thank you note from Heather Eckenrode for the popcorn machine we donated to her multi-handicapped room students.

Band Director Announcements – Art Expo is this Fri & Sat. 36 groups from Middle School signed up to perform along with performance groups form High School. There will be a nice variety both days.

The High School band will be going over to the Elementary school on 4/21 to help recruit current 5th graders for next year’s 6th grade band.

Winter Guard placed 4th at State competition. Very proud of how they did this year, they showed improvement at each competition.

Cedar Point trip is being planned for May 12th to the jazz band competition there. Graduation will be May 22nd

Memorial Day parades – there will be 3 again this year, Lodi, Westfield & Seville. Need chaperones to walk.

Meeting this Thursday for next year’s rookies & parents (4-14) they will get packets for next year then, returning member packets will be sent home with students.

Old Business

2017 Florida Trip Update – dates have been confirmed with Disney. Currently looking into possible charter planes for trip. Currently 71 students have signed up and 15 chaperones, still getting a few more sign ups coming in. Deadline for sign up was April 1st. Parents can make payments online but there will be a 3.5% charge.

By-Laws Update – by-laws are being reviewed by the committee right now and should be ready for next month. We are adding a Code of Conduct along with a few other changes.

New Business –

Craig Walkup asked if the volleyball team could use our beverage cooler during their home game concessions. This would be approximately 10 games from mid-August to mid-October. We are going to ask for a $10 per event usage fee and the understanding that if they damage the cooler they will be responsible for repairs/replacement.

Mrs. Leonard – CMS choir director is asking for financial assistance with the CMS Talent Show. She is asking for $300 for lighting rentals and $750 to cover half of Christopher Milo’s performance fee. The CMS principal is covering the other half of the fee. Milo’s normal fee is $2,500 but only charging CMS $1,500.

                Motion to pay total of $1,050 – First – Jennifer Kladke, Second – Karen Gingrich. Motion carried

Trailer upgrades – We need to install the shelving system and backup camera in the new trailer. Total costs would be $1,225.00 Need to do these upgrades before May 14th so that we can use for the Cedar Point trip.

                Motion to approve $1,225 expense, First – Stacie Kovach, Second – Karen Gingrich. Motion carried.

Medina County Fair – Monday August 1st to Sunday August 9th this year. Ms. Kendall is stepping down so we need someone new to step up and take over this event. Payment was dropped off at the Fair Board today for our spot. It might be possible to split the responsibilities up so that one person does not have to do it all. Matt will send out an email with info with what all is entailed.

Cavalcade of Sound – this year it will be held on Sept 10th. We will need to find someone to start taking over this event since it is Matt’s last year. Need committee members to plan the event. Job descriptions are out there from previous years. Need help in concession before and during event. Remember “Frankly, people know our hot dogs”

Fundraisers updates – Boyert’s sale is up and running. Price of coupons is the same people would be paying at Boyert’s for the same items.

Next monthly meeting is May 9th, 2016

Motion to adjourn. First – Mark Klatzer, Second – Mark Winrod


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