Cloverleaf Music Associates

General Committee Meeting – May 9th, 2016

Attendees: Jan Powalie, Paula Winrod, Dave Drogell, Matt Witmer, Kent Davis, Patrick Icardi, Karen Gingrich, Rose Garbonick, Beth Jarrell, Linda Drogell, Mark Winrod, Mark Klatzer. Kim Leuschel, Andrew Winter, Megan Dougherty

Meeting called to order at 7:08 pm

Review April 11th general committee meeting minutes. No changes or corrections.

Motion to accept, First – Rose Garbonick, Second – Karen Gingrich. Motion carried

Review of Financial Report – Florida Trip has been added to report to show amount collected to date.

Motion to accept, First – Karen Gingrich, Second – Rose Garbonick. Motion carried

Choir Department Report – none at this time

Band Director Announcements – Mr. Winter & Miss Dougherty were at the 5th grade band meeting. Mr. Winter left a list of items he wanted us to know about including upcoming Middle School concert tomorrow night. Special guest is the new Ohio State Marching Band drum major. Graduation is May 22nd, Memorial Day parades in Lodi, Westfield & Seville. Would like to get water bottle slings for band members to carry.

Motion to approve $320 to purchase water bottle slings – First - Karen Gingrich, Second – Paula Winrod. Motion Carried 12 – 1

Also, Mr. Winter had ordered Styrofoam balls to try and make Buckeye necklaces for the Middle School band concert tomorrow night. There was not time to make them. Motion to send items back instead of keeping them First – Mark Winrod, Second – Rose Garbonick, Motion Carried to return merchandise.

Old Business

2017 Florida Trip Update – waiting on Frontier Airlines to release dates for ticket purchase. Will be requesting info from students soon to be able to place ticket order.

By-Laws Update – first reading of new by-laws was done. Discussion included the new additions and changes in wording to the previous by-laws. There will be a second reading next month.

New Business –

Sheet sale – sale went okay, some students were able to make money for their Disney trip.

Boyert’s plant sale – this is finished. Students sold about $4,000 in product. Paula said nice people to work with and fairly easy to organize. Question to see if they might be able to do a poinsettia sale in the November.

Upcoming fundraisers to include the annual sausage/cheese sales flyer.

Medina County Fair – August 1 – August 9. Need several people to help run this. No big music act this year.

Cavalcade of Sound – need committee members to plan the event and someone who is willing to help/learn to chair the event. Meeting to be May 19th at El Patron

Summer Band Camp – Kim L. wanted to verify that budget for meals was about $300. Possible to get some items from school food service (Carrie B.) at a greatly reduced price.

Next monthly meeting is June 13th, 2016

Motion to adjourn. First – Dave Drogell, Second – Jan Powalie

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