Cloverleaf Music Associates - General Committee Meeting – June 16, 2016

Attendees: Jan Powalie, Paula Winrod, Dave Drogell, Matt Witmer, Kent Davis, Patrick Icardi, Karen Gingrich, Rose Garbonick, Beth Jarrell, Linda Drogell, Mark Winrod, Mark Klatzer. Laura Icardi, Andrew Winter, Megan Dougherty, Jen Hamey

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm

Review May 9th general committee meeting minutes. No changes or corrections.

Motion to accept, First – Karen Gingrich, Second – Rose Garbonick. Motion carried

Review of Financial Report – Transfer of information is still being completed to Quick Books software.

Motion to accept, First – Andrew Winter, Second – Paula Winrod. Motion carried

Choir Department Report – none at this time

Band Director Announcements – congratulations to Megan Dougherty for passing her resident teacher exam. There are going to be 2 rehearsals for the fourth of July parade in Chippewa Lake the week prior. We will not be allowed to use our drone at competitions because of safety concerns. Also, we have to discontinue the shout outs during the Cavalcade per the judges. Good news is the banner to hang in the high school gym is in. Showed to members present.

Old Business

2017 Florida Trip Update –.waiting on quote from Spirit, currently listed as $177 on line per single ticket. Frontier prices will not be available until mid-July. Bus cost last time was approximately $215. Jen talked with TSA and no photo id is necessary for those under 18. She has gotten quotes for all other parts of the trip, so once travel is set we can announce the final cost of trip. We will be staying in the Pop Century Hotel each night. Arrive Thursday and have a pizza party planned for that night. Parade is Friday morning then parks for remainder of time there.

By-Laws Update – updates from last meeting have been made. Will vote to approve at next meeting.

New Business –

Boyert’s plant sale – $4,000 in sales with about $2,000 in profits. Still hearing how easy it was to get your stuff. Everyone enjoyed their items, including Mr. Winter’s deer.

Medina County Fair – August 1 – August 9. People are stepping up to help. Confirmed that there will be no big name show this year.

Cavalcade of Sound – need committee members to plan the event and someone who is willing to help/learn to chair the event.

Mentor program – experienced band parents matched with new parents. Teach them the ropes, be available for questions, and give new parents a contact if they have any questions about things are done.

Medical needs – we would like to be able to have a nurse at our games to support us. Athletic teams have trainers who handle issues, we would like to have someone who can distribute medications, take care of minor injuries and determine if more help is needed. Need to contact board about us hiring someone for $1 a season/school year.

Possible fundraising idea – Matt Witmer found stadium seats at Costco for $19.99 each. If we could find someone to embroider the backs with a Cloverleaf logo cheaply, we could sell them in the $40 - $45 range and make a nice profit. Matt will check and see who is able to do this for us and update next month.

Next monthly meeting is July 11th, 2016

Motion to adjourn. First – Kent Davis, Second – Linda Drogell

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