Cloverleaf Music Associates

General Committee Meeting – July 11, 2016

Attendees: Jan Powalie, Paula Winrod, Dave Drogell, Patrick Icardi, Matt Witmer, Kent Davis, Megan Dougherty, Laura Icardi, Jennifer Kladke, Stacie Kovach, Mark Winrod, Rose Garbonick, Linda Drogell, Karen Gingrich, Scott Sheldon

Meeting called to order at 7:01pm

Meeting Minutes from June 16, 2016 Review – no changes or corrections

            Motion to approve – Rose Garbonick, Second – Megan Dougherty.  Motion carried

Financial Report Review – Majority of money in our accounts is being held for Disney trip.

            Donation – We received a $100 donation from the Highland Band Boosters for the Matt Brown fundraiser.  They heard about it late and still wanted to help out.

            Motion to approve – Rose Garbonick, Second – Karen Gingrich.  Motion carried

Music Director Report – none at this time

Music Director Report – Music for the new show is in.  There is going to be just one BIG prop for this show.  Will be revealing it to the students next Wednesday.  Parent mixer is next Friday, June 9th.  Having all the parents walk with the band has been great.  Reminder, we are being judged at parades and it is hard for the judges to see the band with all parents walking on the alongside.  Going forward, only directors will be walking up with the students.  For future parades asking that parents walk behind the band, in front of the truck.  This way they can “catch” any student who falls behind.

Old Business

2017 Florida Trip Update –It has been decided that we will be taking the bus to Disney instead of flying because of change in airline prices.  Right now there are 111 signed up, buses hold 112.  Students and parents will have until July 20th to request a refund of their deposit if they no longer wish to go on the trip.  Some parents will still be flying down to get hotel ready before students arrive.  If a parent is flying, they will need to make their own transportation arrangements, including while at Disney.  Students will now be leaving Florida on Sunday afternoon, arriving back at school sometime on Monday. 

New Business

            2016 Medina County Fair – Paula and Mark Winrod will be stepping up for this event.  Charms has been set up so people can volunteer for any night of the fair to help.

            Cavalcade of Sound – Date is September 10 this year.  Some solicitation letters have been sent out already, with responses coming in.  Meeting will be held soon for those that want to help.  Framework for the new home stands arrived this morning at the school.

            Motion to adjourn – by Stacy Kovach, second - Dave Drogell.  Motion carried, meeting adjourned at 7:21 pm

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