Article by BobCraig - Tuesday 25 September, 2012

When I drove up to Cloverleaf, along Friendship road, I had every intention on writing a story on the football team and how they were playing cross-town rivals. I was going to report on the fierce competition that took place and the hard fought play that the players put forth on this Friday night. 

tailgateThe more I thought after the game; I came to the conclusion that this is not what I’m going to write about! I did not have that feeling at all when I went to Cloverleaf for this football game. 

Instead, I felt something special being there. 


I pulled up in my truck and saw a car next to me. In it sat a gentleman who had to be in his 80s. He and his wife had made the trip to the high school to watch the game. As he got out of his car, he went to help out his wife who could barley walk. It came to me then. Friday night football is about a Community, a community coming together for something special. This was their kids representing their town.


tailgate 1As I stepped out of my truck, kids were tailgating in the parking lot. They were dressed up in what seemed to be hunting gear. They were playing corn hole laughing and just plain enjoying them. 

helmetAs I entered the Stadium, the spectators all were friendly, with a smile on their faces. I went to check out the field, the team and the stands. It was a small town feel. 
They had a big blowup helmet at one end of the field and many standing around the helmet waiting for that time when the team would run out onto the field.

offensiveI went and stood at the fence and there stood very nice gentlemen. I told him who I was and asked him some of the player’s numbers. He proceeded to tell me who the quarterback was and the running backs names.

samHe then looked me in the eye and said his son was Robby Buckwald, do I know who that was? I told him I did and he told me that his son was injured but he came out to support the team.

bandcheerleadersWhat he said to me was not as important as the look in his eye. He was very proud of his son. I could see the love and the pride he had in him.

I sat that Friday night at Cloverleaf. For that given time I felt something special. Fridays in the fall were made for football. A great time for a community to get together, share in their pride, and feel a part of something bigger than them. 

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