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Article by BobCraig - Tuesday 25 September, 2012

When I drove up to Cloverleaf, along Friendship road, I had every intention on writing a story on the football team and how they were playing cross-town rivals. I was going to report on the fierce competition that took place and the hard fought play that the players put forth on this Friday night. 

tailgateThe more I thought after the game; I came to the conclusion that this is not what I’m going to write about! I did not have that feeling at all when I went to Cloverleaf for this football game. 

Instead, I felt something special being there. 


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November 9, 2013
Lodi, Ohio

Saturday's Show


The Cloverleaf Colts Marching Band continued a tradition of excellence today at the OMEA (Ohio Music Education Association) State Marching Band Competition held in Brunswick Ohio. 

Under the direction of Andrew Winter, Assistant Director Megan Dougherty, Guard Instructors Lauren Walkley and Cari Danko, Percussion Instructor Steve Hennis and Senior Field Commander Alex Kacinari, the Cloverleaf Marching Band received a score of SUPERIOR.  Cloverleaf has appeared in the OMEA State Marching Band Competition for the past 32 straight years.  This is the first SUPERIOR rating since the 1996 state competition.  Most of the senior band members were less than one year old when a superior rating was last achieved. 

The marching band was supported at the competition for the first time by a student-organized cheering section, which included the Cloverleaf Colts mascot. 

The hard work and sacrifice put forth by the marching band did not go unnoticed by the judges.  They were rewarded by many scores of “1”, the highest score possible.  This included the Color Guard who, through wind gusts of 30+mph, were one of the only color guards in this section of bands to throw their flags into the air and risk them being blown away. 

There are many marchers and guard members who are looking forward to building on this year’s historic win with the guidance of Mr. Winter, Ms. Dougherty, Lauren Walkley, Cari Danko and Steve Hennis




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